Pisascherma is one of the top club in Italy, its actual structure is aged 2005 and since that the club went growing better and better, improving its inscriptions and results. The club now counts on about 100 students, from 5 years old to senior age. Our goal is walk our students through their growth, developing their skills and keep them growing in a familiar environment.

Passion, Work and Trust are the basis of the  Pisascherma philosophy.

Fencing club

The club is currentlyt ranked n.1 in Italy in under 14 foil. In the last two seasons we won 3 National Individual Titles, several Regional titles and we gained lots of medals in all the nationals tournaments.


2018 - U.S. Pisascherma

1° ranked foil club in the GPG

2019 - U.S. Pisascherma

1° ranked foil club in the GPG


Individual U14

GOLD Letizia Campani 2013 Women Epee

GOLD Marco Rossi 2014 Men Foil

BRONZE Letizia Campani 2014 Women Foil

BRONZE Irene Bertini 2016 Women Foil

GOLD Matteo Iacomoni 2017 Men Foil

GOLD Irene Bertini 2017 Men Foil

BRONZE Iacopo Tenze 2017 Men Foil

GOLD Matteo Iacomoni 2018 Men Foil

SILVER Irene Bertini 2018 Women Foil

SILVER Matteo Iacomoni 2019  Men Foil

BRONZE Mattia Conticini 2019 Men Foil

BRONZE Ginevra Manfredini 2019 Men Foil

Team U14

GOLD  2014 Men Foil

SILVER 2019 Men Foil

BRONZE 2019 Men Foil


BRONZE Irene Bertini 2019 Foil Minimes

Best results

Our fencing activities are held in Pisascherma Fencing Hall, a 700 mq space filled with 12 regular strips and room and machines for conditioning and fitness. It is provided by shower and locker rooms too, also for the disabled. Pisascherma is part of a bigger Sport Complex, which contains also a large track and field arena, very useful for open air conditioning during the warm season.

Fencing Hall

Are some of the most awarded fencing coaches in Italy (see the annex). Our way of teaching is a unique fusion of experience and youth, male and female skills, that helps every student shoving his best. All our coaches have already been involved and will be involved again in fencing camps, in Italy and abroad. They always showed strong leadership and relationship capacity

Coach Elisa Vanni head coach

Coach Veronica Mantovani

Coach Simone Vanni

Coach Marco Ramacci

the Coach