Among the Olympic sports is the one that brings us more medals. But foil, sword and saber are not sports that are practiced only at a competitive level. Let's see what the benefits of fencing are, practiced to keep fit. Italy is undoubtedly the country that boasts the greatest champions in the world. Fencing is a sport that brings many benefits both from the point of view of physical fitness and mind. You can start practicing fencing at any age. The training is divided into technical and athletic training. In the athletic part we work to optimize the physical condition: coordination and speed. The exercise required by fencing has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and helps to tone the muscles. In technical training the work is aimed at preparing the assaults with the refinement of specific gestures. Do not underestimate the psychological aspect that benefits from this type of training: concentration, speed in decision and a strategic vision are in fact stimulated to the maximum.

The Benefits